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Born on Halloween

I was born on Halloween

when witches pay their due.

Everyone thinks I’m so mean,

but what am I to do?


My mother named me Hazel,

and makes me ride a broom.

She feeds me brew with basil,

and locks me in my room.


My nose is long and crooked.

My pet cat, Boo is black.

They say that I am wicked.

What is it that I lack?


My friends, they all are goblins,

and my father is a ghost.

My sister loves grave robbing,

and my brother loves brain toast.


I wish there was a potion,

to end this evil curse.

For I don’t have a notion,

and my life is getting worse.


So here’s a word of warning

to every child around.

If you were born on Halloween morning,

You best get out-of-town!   


In honor of Halloween and my birthday, I thought I would share this poem I wrote as a teen.  There are good and bad things about being born on Halloween.

Good:  You always get to go Trick or Treating.

Bad: You always get to go Trick or Treating.

Good: No one ever forgets your birthday.

Bad: It is hard to go out to dinner when you have to be home to answer the door and give out candy.

Good: Chinese Take-out.

There are some days when I am a good witch and some when I am bad.

Happy Halloween!  Boo!


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