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And on the Eighth Day, God Created Nail Clippers

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I have at least 100 pairs of nail clippers!  Well, I am exaggerating a little; however, I did find 7 pairs as I was cleaning this week.  Why, you ask, do I have so many pairs of clippers? Well, maybe I wanted one for every toe. Who is to say?

Anyway, as I was collecting them and putting each pair in the drawer where I keep the nail clippers, I could not help but wonder if they would be there the next time I needed them.  I believe that is one of the reasons I have so many.  Whenever a pair was needed, I would hunt and hunt.  Finally, I would just go out and buy a new pair.  I am sure that the maker of nail clippers has made a bundle off me.

It seems that the original inventor of nail clippers is unknown, but a guy named Valentine Fogerty has the first patent for an improved version in 1875.  Then, a man named William C. Edge (hmmm…interesting name) improved the clippers again in 1876.  I guess these things keep getting better, and every few years we can expect a new and improved version.  This is good; because I am sure, I will need a new pair as soon as I misplace the old pairs.

Why are they called pairs, anyway?  It is not as though I am getting two of them.  Both sides of the clippers must work together.  I suppose one can think of them as a married couple. Two individuals, who work together at the same time to make a life together. Married couples are called pairs, so maybe that is why nail clippers are named pairs.

These pairs come in so many different sizes.  I have a giant pair that I could have melted down to make a whole set of sterling silverware. Then I have a teeny-weenie pair that you would use for a baby and every size in between.  I guess if there was a toenail emergency I would be ready.

These items are a necessity for every household.  Moreover, they can act as a stand-in for situations other than for clipping nails.  I have used them to cut the thread when I was sewing, to trim the fringe on the old towels, and to splice speaker wire before they were wireless. I probably should keep the nail clippers in my toolbox, and then I would know where they were when they were needed.

A life without nail clippers would be a sad one.  People would be walking around with long, spindly toenails like those that you see on Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Yuck!  I guess I just need to put a tracker system on my personal nail clippers so I do not lose them.  I wonder how other people are able to keep track of their nail clippers. Do any of my readers have a suggestion? Please help.

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