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We are all Beautiful, Inspiring, and Appreciated Bloggers!

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Today, I am blessed to share three award nominations.  The Beautiful Blogger Award and the Reader Appreciation Award were both given to me by Nizy at Nizy’s Life Compendium.  She shows us that life is one big adventure with so much to discover.  She believes that life is a wonderful journey.  I am happy to say that I am blessed to be included in Nizy’s journey and grateful for her kind nominations. Please visit Nizy’s Life Compendium and leave her a comment or two. You will not be sorry you joined her adventure.

The third award comes to me from sharechair.  She is a tech-goddess, who loves to share her knowledge of technology, especially iPad, iPhone, and Kindle. She likes to check out new things and share them with her readers.  That is how I found her. She shared and I read, and I continue to admire her helpful and informative posts.  Therefore, it is a privilege and honor to accept the Inspiring Blog Award from sharechair.  Please visit sharechair and check out her awesome blog.  Learn a few new things and leave her a comment.

These three awards have similar rules:

Post seven interesting things about yourself.

Nominate 15 other bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

Let them know about nomination.

7 Things You May Find Interesting About Grandmother Musings

1.     I enjoy chocolate chip cookies. No, wait, let me rephrase that…I ENJOY chocolate chip cookies.

2.    There is a suitcase in my living room, and I am not going on a trip. (I am cleaning.:))

3.    I despised coffee until I was 25.  I began drinking it with three sugars and lots of cream when it was the only thing to drink at work. (I am down to one sugar and cream, now.)

4.    Dog hair follows me. I have found my dog’s black hair on my desk at school, in hotels rooms on vacation, and on my Kindle screen.

5.    I am allergic to Two and a Half Men.

6.    When I was a teenager, I pierced my own ears because my mom would not allow me to have them pierced.

7.    Old cookbooks are so interesting. I collect them.


NOMINATIONS: I am bending the rules a bit. I will pick 5 blogs for each award because 45 are just too many!

The Beautiful Blogger Award goes to:

A Daily Thought

Healing for the Nation

Renee’s Revelings

Authentic Photography

Pen Names and Other Escapes


The Reader Appreciation Award goes to:

Home to Go 232

Home Designs Master


Jackie Just Doing Life

Worldly Winds


The Inspiring Blog Award goes to:

A Grateful Man

My Life in Color

Joy in the Moments

Life Seeds

Russel Ray Photos


Thank you to all of you that follow Grandmother Musings, and take the time to read and comment on the posts.  I love that we can talk and share our thoughts and lives. I am amazed and inspired by your adventures, creativity, and strength. God bless each of you.  🙂




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