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Grandmother’s Ginger Lemonade

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This refreshing beverage was originally posted by Grandmother Wisdom in March of this year.  Lemonade is a great drink for anytime of the year, but it is especially good in the summertime to cool off on those steamy days.

Please click the link for the recipe, and make some of Grandmother’s Ginger Lemonade, today! Enjoy.

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I am going to include this recipe in my annual Pool/BBQ party! My guests will love it.


A summertime staple at cookouts and the dinner table of my youth, Baked Beans represent warm weather and grilled eats.  How sad was I when I was told that I had an allergy to tomatoes and had to forgo one of my favorite side dishes?  Luckily, with a little research, I came across the difference between Southern style  and New England style beans.  Turns out folks up in Maine and their neighbor states find adding ketchup to beans is a crime akin to adding ketchup to a hotdog in Chicago.  Finally, something this South Side Irish girl had in common with Yankees out east, beans!
Traditional recipes call for a bean crock and hours of baking in the oven, which would hardly suit during the humid summers of Chi-Town.  Good thing my best friend the Crock Pot is always there to keep the heat down in the kitchen while still…

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