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Obsession TV

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Did you ever think that maybe as a society we have gone over the top? On Tuesday, the Japanese electronics giant, Sharp, announced that they were introducing a new 90” LED TV.  This TV is 4 feet tall, 8 feet diagonally and more than 6 feet wide with a depth of 5 inches.  It is said to weigh 141 pounds. It has all the features one could want: it is even 3-D ready and comes with its own set of 3-D glasses. All this for only $10,999.99!

This would be a great buy for someone who needs to have a giant TV that is as big as a person sitting in his or her living room. Since my living room is only 12×20, this unit would take up a great portion of my wall space. I would be a little worried about the 3-D feature.  I might actually hurt myself reacting to an item being thrown in the movie.

I would be the talk of the neighborhood.  I envision my neighbors bringing their lawn chairs and watching outside my picture window. This would be like a “Movie in the Park” that my town hosts in the summer. Maybe, I could even provide my neighbors with surround sound and a set of their own 3-D glasses. In addition, if I were very smart, I would provide popcorn and drinks and make a few bucks to pay off the monster in my living room.

Can you imagine the fun we would have during football games?  This would be the epitome of an “Arm Chair Player”.

When it is 20-below-zero and the Packers are playing the Bears, it would be so realistic; we would have to turn up the furnace to watch. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to view a boxing match or a soccer game.  But seriously, who NEEDS to have a 90” LED TV in their house? Is this not extreme? Do people really desire to experience the violence of the nightly news in 3-D or (God Forbid!) watch a super-large version of “Two and a Half Men”?  And, what will Sharp come up with next?

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30 Days of Gratitude

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Day Seventeen:   Sports:   Did you play a sport when you were growing up or do you play one now?  What skill did you learn that you are grateful for knowing?  How has this enriched your life?

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