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The Campfires of Autumn

          The steamy, hot weather of summer has lost its kick, and the cooler fall-like weather has moved in to stay. This is the perfect time to gather the family for an evening of relaxation outdoors; it is easy to do if you have the right equipment.  With a little preparation, your campfire will be ready for roasting marshmallows in no time.

          If you are in an area where campfires are allowed (some townships have banned backyard campfires) you will want to purchase a fire pit from your local hardware store. These nifty little containers start at around $40 and can be set on your driveway or sidewalk.  A few sites on the Internet direct viewers on how to make your own fire pit.  At HGTV, instructions are given in the article, How to Make a Backyard Fire Pit; there is also a video on YouTube called Simple Backyard Fire Pit (fire pit) with Spit that may be useful for creating a campfire area.

           Once a receptacle has been secured to hold the campfire, setting it up is easy.  According to the web site, Love the Outdoors in an article named appropriately, How to Build a Campfire  a few simple steps will have you warming by the fire quickly and safely.

  • Gather wood and stack in separate piles away from fire area. Do not use green or freshly cut wood.

There are three different kinds of wood needed for a successful campfire

  • Tinder – small twigs, wood shavings, dry leaves or grass, dry needles, bark or dryer lint. This should start to burn immediately with a lighted match.

  • Kindling – small sticks 1″ around or less

  • Fuel – larger wood that keeps the fire going

DON”T FORGET ABOUT SAFETY!  Keep a bucket of water and/or a Fire Extinguisher close by to put out the fire.

Once the materials are gathered and you are ready, it is time to start the campfire.

  1. Place your tinder in the middle of a clean fire pit.  Light the tinder with a match.

  2. Once the tinder has begun to burn, slowly add the kindling.

  3. When the kindling is burning and a good fire is burning, add the fuel (Large wood) one piece at a time.

  4. To keep the fire burning, add fuel (Large wood) every so often.

          To roast a good marshmallow there needs to be hot coals in your campfire.  Watch a video entitled, How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow to learn the perfect tips. When you have conquered marshmallow making, you may wish to check out S’mores – How to Make S’mores for the perfect S’mores recipe.

          Singing around the campfire is a great way to enjoy the evening festivities.  At Sing Along With Me, you will find an alphabetical collection of traditional Guide, Scout, and Campfire Songs to sing.  Print out the lyrics and share them.  Make the time spent around the campfire memorable.

          The cool autumn evenings will heat up quickly when the logs burning in the campfire emit their primal warmth. Gather up your family and friends to sit around the campfire to sing some campfire songs, roast a few marshmallows, and enjoy a restful evening together. Soon the winter winds will blow and the season of campfires will be over, but with a little preparation, never forgotten.


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