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25 Activities to Keep the Summertime Blues Away

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It is summer vacation, and the kids are home from school. Once the initial excitement wears off, what will you do to keep those Summertime Blues away?  Here are some ideas to keep the kids active and have some fun while you are doing it.

1. Plan a visit to your local museum.  It is air-conditioned and interesting.  Call ahead or check the museum’s website to see if there is a discounted day or “free” day to visit. This will help to keep costs low.

 2. Pack up a cooler with some sandwiches and drinks; grab an old sheet, blanket or beach towel; and head for your nearest park for a picnic.  The kids love eating outdoors, and they can also play at the park.

 3. Visit a local Zoo.  Many Zoos allow coolers and have outdoor picnic areas, so bring your own lunch and enjoy the animals.

 4. Take a walk in a nature center or a forest preserve near your house. 

 5. Plan a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt complete with a map and prizes.

 6. Have an old-fashioned water-balloon fight.

 7. Collect some rocks on your nature hike, picnic, or walk around town.  The rocks should be no larger than your palm.  Clean them up and spend an afternoon painting them.  Homemade “Pet Rocks”!

 8. Rainy Days are no problem.  Plan to have a “Rainy Day” Movie Festival.  Set up the Family Room or Living Room with chairs, make some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie together. The Library is a great resource for DVD’s and Video Cassettes.

 9. Backyard Camping can be a blast.  Set-up the tent in the back yard, and if you have a portable fire pit, cook up some Smores and tell stories around the campfire. 

 10. Service projects can be fun and can help teach kids to think beyond themselves.  Try picking up garbage on your street.  Plant some marigolds or other annuals in small clay pots and give them to the neighbors.

 11.  Have a game day.  It can be outdoor games like “hide and go seek” or indoor board games.

 12. Make hand puppets and put on a show.

 13.  Play in the sprinkler, go swimming or to the beach.

 14.   Set-up a time to visit with the local Fire Department or Police Department for a tour of the facilities.

 15.   Visit a Botanical Garden.  Check and see if there is an ongoing exhibit.

 16.  Spend the day at the local Library. They often have summer programs for children.

 17.  Make chocolate chip cookies together.

 18.  Take the kids fishing.

 19.  Have the kids help you wash the car. Get buckets, sponges, towels and clean away while having fun.

 20.  Go for a bike ride.

 21.   Volunteer to help at an animal shelter for the day.

 22.  Teach the kids how to play Croquet, badminton, or tennis.

 23.  Create a time capsule. Use a container with a lid. Place items in the container that represent summer. Maybe add a few pictures or post cards from your adventures. Close it all up and put it away to open next year.

 24.  Tie-dye items like T-shirts. Allow children to choose their own colors.

 25.  Use some sidewalk chalk and create a hopscotch board.  Have everyone play.

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