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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

As I sat in the backyard drinking my evening cup of coffee and listening to the neighbor kids play tag in their yard, I mused upon the topic of this week’s writing challenge. I do not usually write political statements. I stay away from controversial topics on purpose. For one, I am not very good at arguing my point in politics, and two, I am not very good at arguing. However, this challenge has made me think that maybe it is time for a little grandmother wisdom to be shared.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors seem to be a gnarly, mixed-up bunch at their best. They have received bad press from the moment their movement came on the scene. It seems to me that they are trying to force a change of the status quo, and I believe that is good.  The problem is that they have not gone about their protesting in a way that inspires most everyday working people.  I do not feel connected to their protests. They come off as a bunch of whinny, spoiled kids stomping their feet to get their way. They are not positively making people care about their goals.

This dilemma then causes the talking heads of the world to rally their constituents to come out against the “Occupy Movement” causing a push and pull effect.  Consequently, nothing is accomplished, and the people and corporations whose heads should be on the chopping block skirt free while we watch the bashing of “The Occupy Movement” once again.

Like a magician’s sleight of hand, the powers that be wave a hanky with one arm and allow the banking fiasco with the other arm.  The evening news inundates us with footage of protestors and forgets to show us that our rights are being slowly taken away, our country is fighting two wars, and people are losing their homes, jobs, and dignity.  Moreover, the information that is spewed daily only incites Americans to fight against Americans, because they do not know who the enemy is anymore.  Is it the 1%?  Is it a neighbor, a sister or brother, or the woman at the grocery store?  Wait, look over here, is it the butcher, the baker, or perhaps the candlestick maker!

In my opinion, the “Occupy Movement” has not occupied any of the things that our great country represents. It is just another magic trick provided to keep the masses looking the other way while the politicians and the corporations rape our resources and ruin our systems. Meanwhile, in an election year, we have the Republicans blaming the Democrats, the Democrats blaming the conservatives, and the liberals blaming the Tea Party.  Yet, not one thing but fighting and protesting are actually being done to solve the woes facing the country.

Therefore, after much musing and coffee drinking, I have decided that until I see something positive coming out of the “Occupy Movement” that will work to bring our country together on an issue, I will not support it. I also will not support the argumentative loud mouths who dream of creating an end to the movement.  I think that both sides are wrong, and that they are detrimental to America.  It is all just more noise in a world that really needs clarity.

President Abraham Lincoln said it best, “A house divided cannot stand.”  If Americans cannot open their eyes and find a middle ground, then the country will not continue to exist.  We need to put the UNITED back into the United States of America.  



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