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I am honored to accept this award. I would like to thank my blogging friend, Francine from for nominating my site for the “SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGER AWARD”.  Please visit her blog for thought-provoking photos and read her insightful thoughts.   Francine always has a kind word and positive message.

Now, I must tell you seven things about myself that you do not know.  Ooh, this is the tough part.

  1.  I have recently acquired a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.   I could technically apply to schools to become a vice-principal or principal; however, I have decided to give writing a try to keep my teaching position.
  2. My son is getting married in October to a wonderful young woman. Wedding preparation is on my agenda until the big day. It is so exciting!
  3. I consider my daughter one of my closest confidants.
  4. Karaoke is my friend.  I love to sing, but only the lead.  I am terrible at harmonizing.
  5. I was born on Halloween, and I will NEVER stop Trick or Treating.
  6. I am easily bored, so I always have something to do to keep myself busy.
  7. I live in the same house I grew up in, and I love it.

As this is the “SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGER AWARD”, I would like to nominate the following sisters for the award. Thank you to all of the followers and friends who visit and comment on my Musings.  I greatly appreciate your generosity and love.   Please pick-up your award here and let me know when you receive it.  Oh, Happy Day!  Blessings to all.








Congratulations! 🙂

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30 Days of Gratutude

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Day Twenty-eight: Brothers and Sisters: Today is “Sibling Day”.  Describe why you are grateful for your brother or sister. Tell us a story about something you did with your brother or sister when you were a child.

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