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Fortune Cookies…For a Better Future

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The best part of ordering Chinese food is the meal-ending crack of the fortune cookie.  It is exciting to see what little bit of wisdom is held in a crisp cashew shaped cookie, and they are tasty as well. However, lately, I have been disappointed in the quality of the fortunes found in the fortune cookies.

When I open that cookie, I want to hear something positive, something full of ancient wisdom, or something that I might hear from a palm reader. Since fortune cookies were introduced and created in the United States, the fortunes inside used to be based on proverbs, Bible verses, and English versions of  Confucius Teachings. Somewhere I think these wise little notes have gotten lost.  I do not think people want condescending words or nonsense in their cookies.  Maybe the fortune cookie companies need to get back to basics and hire more competent fortune writers. After all, people like me who order Chinese Food depend on this knowledge!

Here is an example of the ridiculous “fortunes” I have received lately…

“You have a quiet and unobtrusive nature.”  Huh? That is not a fortune. This is not even me!

“Help, I am a prisoner in a Chinese Bakery!”  Really? I am sending the Calvary to free you, now!  

“Eating causes obesity.”  Thanks. I’ll just stop eating now, Dr. Oz.

“You love Chinese Food.”  Duh!

Here is what I really want to read…

“The golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.” Whoo-hoo!

“If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted.” Is desiring a clothes-shopping trip on Rodeo Drive too extravagant?

“An admirer is hiding his or her intentions toward you.” Provided that my admirer is not a stalker, this could be good.

“You need a new environment. Go on vacation.” You are right! I would like to lie on a white sandy beach and drink rum all day in my bikini from Rodeo Drive. As long as it is not too extravagant…

If you are feeling discouraged and disheartened by your fortune cookie, please feel free to comment.  All comments will be forwarded to the worker who is trapped in the fortune cookie bakery for a speedy review. 

Fortune: You will read of a light haired woman who will make you laugh.  

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