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DIY Bleach Pen T Shirt Design

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What a great idea! Chic Envelopement’s bleach pen idea had me sitting here thinking of all the items I could use this on. Here are a few…personalized pillow cases, towels, place mats, Jeans, tote bags, beach towels (each child can have their own personalized towel), napkins, etc.. I could just go on an on. Thank you Chic Envelopements for making my imagination fly!

The Renegade Seamstress

I seem to have an endless supply of thrift store t shirts hanging around just begging for a refashion.

So today I tried a new technique.

Bleach pen drawing.

And it worked!!!

If your t shirt is too large, first take it in like this:



Now you’re ready for the fun part:

Let the bleach sit on the shirt until it has bleached as much as you’d like then rinse it with cold water.

Wash and dry as usual in the washing machine.

For less than fifty cents, I’ve got a new summer shirt!

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