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Quotes from the Masters: Bacon

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“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand–and melting like a snowflake.” Sir Francis Bacon     

This weekend my husband and I held a Wedding Shower for my son and his future bride.  Since they live four hours away, we had a difficult time coordinating a date, but settled for July 7.  Of course, the entire week before the party, it was in the 100’s and the heat wave broke all sorts of records. 

Consequently, we would work outside early morning and late afternoon.  When the sun was at its hottest, we would work in the house trying to get ready for the full house of company we would have for the weekend.  If we felt too over-heated  we would jump in the pool to cool down.  However, even the pool was having trouble keeping up with the heat.  After four days of high temperatures the water was 92 degrees and not quite as refreshing as it should have been. 

Our goal was to make things as cool for our guests as possible. The dress was casual because we knew it would be too hot to be formally dressed.  We had a shelter, lots of cool drinks (Sangria), good food, and an air-conditioned house for respite.

 On the morning of the shower, as we all began to set up for the party that was set for one in the afternoon, it was still 98 degrees.  Tempers flared as we attempted to set up the pop-up canopy and arrange the tables.  The prep work in the kitchen was set to a furious cacophony of women trying to prepare cheese, meat, and vegetable trays.  Everyone on duty was sweating and hot, but we worked together, so that when the first guests arrived, the place looked perfect.

 Then, the magic occurred.  As the future bride and groom opened their gifts, a swift breeze fluttered the top of the canopy. The flowers on the tables began to sway and a blessed cool wind came from the northwest.  All the guests turned instinctively toward the relief. “Ahhhs.” Were heard all around. 

 The wind had shifted bringing a cool front to the stifling heat.  The temperature dropped 10 degrees in fifteen minutes.  By the time all the presents were opened and the cake was being passed around, the guests were no longer asking for iced drinks, but for coffee to go with their cake. 

 The universe had chosen that moment to give us all a break from the oppressive heat and blow in happy wishes for the future bride and groom.  Never again will we be blessed to watch our son share this moment with his bride–to- be and his family and friends.  Similarly, as the quote from Sir Frances Bacon states, “We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand- and melting like a snowflake.” Fortunately, none of us melted like a snowflake in the heat, but we did have the opportunity to view a couple, sparkling like the stars for a brief moment.

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