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Quotes from the Masters: Plato

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As a teacher, one of the most frustrating things to deal with is a student who just refuses to try. It seems that some children are immune to every strategy or trick that the teacher may have his or her repertoire.

However, there are other students, who, even though they seem to continually fail, pick themselves up and try repeatedly.  These students are the true inspiration for the rest of us.  Their diligence and determination are traits that will serve them through all the facets of their life.  These are the students that Plato, a teacher, himself, was most likely referring in his quote,  Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.

Consequently, even small progress encourages the teacher to positively support the student and urge more frequent attempts at the lesson being learned.  A pat on the back, a sticker, an acknowledgement of any kind can fill the student with pride. Moreover, when the light bulb glows in the student’s eyes, the gift is given back to the teacher as his or her own encouragement to keep trying. The cycle is complete.

Many thank to Robin at Bringing Europe Home for sponsoring the “Quotes from the Masters” challenge. Please go and visit her blog; it is an inspiration.


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