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Daddy’s Little Girl

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Daddy’s Little Girl by Al Martino     Listen by clicking the link.

I listened to the song “Daddy’s Little Girl” on 45 rpm record when I was a little girl repeatedly, every day.  I drove my mother crazy with the song and the inevitable tears that would fall with each new play.  I do not know if it was Al Martino’s voice or simply the lyrics of the song that touched some emotional switch in me to make me cry, however, sob I did.

I guess I played it so much that I cracked the record.  I still put it on the record player, crack and all.  It would skip, I would cry, and my mother would moan.  Finally, the record cracked so badly that I just had to throw it away.  It broke my heart to do it, but my mom, with her never-ending wisdom, said it would be best.

She was right, of course, because moms are always right.  I grew up and listened to other songs that made my  heart cry.  However, whenever I get a yearning, I will pull it up on my Mp3 player and give it a quick listen and a good cry.


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