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Facebook Manners

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     The lessons of life never stop educating.  It does not matter how old or young you are, everyday there is something new to learn.  Let us take the Facebook phenomenon for instance… people are learning how to socialize in a revolutionary way.  In some cases, they are learning the hard way that good old fashion manners are necessary even when using new fangled devices. Here are some manners and etiquette rules that any Face book user should try to abide:

1.      Never say anything on Face book that you would not say around the table at a family dinner.

That means…if you would not discuss politics at Thanksgiving with Uncle Matthew, then do not discuss it with him on Facebook.

2.      Swearing is rude and should not be used in a social context. 

3.    You do not have to be friends with every person who requests a friendship.  Just like in real life, we have true friends and then acquaintances.  We do not invite every acquaintance over every day for a chat.

4.  Some things are personal and should not be shared with everyone.  Discussing your bedroom antics, personal body issues, and foot fungus is not only disgusting and offensive; it is downright stupid.

5.  Remember:  What you speak can be denied, but what you write is written in stone.  Things you write can be copied and possibly used against you.  Be careful what you engrave in the stone of eternity.

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