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Illuminating Blogger Award

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Illuminating Blogger Award


Thank You! I am pleased and honored to accept the nomination for the Illuminating Blogger Award graciously given by Diane at hometogo232.  Diane behaves as a Christian in the writings on her blog as well as in the supporting of her fellow bloggers.  She always has a kind word and a kernel of wisdom to share.  I look forward to reading her posts and her perspectives on daily life.  Please visit hometogo232.  You will love it, too!

The rules are for this award:

1. Leave a comment on the original award site.

2. Choose a random fact about yourself to share.

3. Pass the torch on to 5 Bloggers.

Random Fact

I have had the same neighbors for over 30 years.

5 Bloggers I wish to nominate

Bringing Europe Home

Drew Kail

The World is a Book

Joel Higgins


Please go and visit these awesome blogs. Like them and love them, and be sure to comment on their great content.


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