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Stats Gone Wild

I am in shock! When I looked at my stats  this afternoon, it states that I have had 432 views for today.  This is amazing.  I have NEVER had that many views. The most views I have ever had were 167.  Upon further examination, I discovered that 372 views were on my HomePage/ Archives.

Hmmmm, I am wondering, who is looking at my pages?  I have heard that people who have been Freshly Pressed will suddenly have a massive amount of views.  So with hope in my heart, I went and snooped at the Freshly Pressed page to see if that was the reason for so many views.  NOPE!

So what is it? Is WordPress having stat issues?  I signed out of my account, turned off my computer, and went back and looked later.  I still have over 400 views!   My only conclusion is that someone is looking at Grandmother Wisdom.  All I can say is thank you so very much and please keep looking! You have made my day!!  If you want to make a comment or two, please feel free.

You are welcome here.

Thank you!

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