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Don’t Throw that Broken Hose Away, Fix it!

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When you have a cracked hose, you will be wetter than the plants you trying to water.

My hose cracked as I was watering my potted plants. As a very temporary fix for the cracked hose, I applied electrical tape to the crack.  That is until I hit Menards and purchased a replacement end.  Repairing a hose is easier than you think and cheaper than buying a new one.

Materials needed to fix a hose:

Broken garden hose 5/8″
Replacement end (male in this case 5/8″)
Utility knife (or some other thing that will cut the hose)
Screwdriver  (mine is a Phillips head)

Using the utility knife on a hard surface. Cut into the hose evenly.

Once you have cut the hose, separate the replacement part from its packaging.

With your screwdriver, loosen the clamp on the replacement part to separate.

Push the nipple of the replacement part into the hose opening. It basically screws into the hose.  It does take a little bit of muscle to make a good joining.

You can use a little water-based lubricant to make the job go smoother.  Do not use petroleum-based products such as vaseline, due to their ability to break down plastic.

Once the nipple of the replacement part is attached, add the clamp with the screws.  This holds the replacement part on tightly so there are not any leaks.

Now you have a hose that works like new, and all for a couple of dollars.

Happy Watering!




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