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Named for Naming: Things People Invented

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The “Joey” Smore, captured by D.S.

In our family, there is a thing called a “Joey” Smore.  This is a perfect Smore recipe taught to us all by a Joey. You can make your own “Joey” Smore by cooking the marshmallows just right (not too brown, not too white) over a campfire, placing one Hershey chocolate square and smooshing it between two graham crackers. Walah! You have a “Joey” Smore.  It really is not a skill, but an art in making the perfect Smore.

In history, there have been many things named for the inventor. Some of these items include, Booze, which is named after E.G. Booze.  He made and sold whiskey in log cabin shaped bottles.

E.G. Booze original whiskey bottle shaped like a log cabin

Then you have Clara “Tootsie” Hirshfield, the daughter of Leo Hirshfield.  Leo was a developer of the first paper-wrapped penny candy in New York, 1986.  He named the famous Tootsie Roll candy after his beloved daughter.

Tootsie Roll

 Dr. James H. Salisbury, and early food advocate, created the dish of Salisbury steak.  He advised his patients to eat the dish three times a day, and to limit their intake of “poisonous” vegetables and starches.  The Salisbury steak, an entrée made with cubed steaks and gravy, also became a huge hit for Swanson’s dinner night.

Salisbury steak in a TV dinner.

The most interesting story is of the Earl of Sandwich. Yep, you guessed it; he named that lunchtime favorite, the Sandwich.  The story goes that the Earl was a gambler and liked to play cards without stopping to eat.  He would have the servants bring him his meal and he would gather the meat, vegetables, and put them between the bread. This way he could eat it while he continued to play. Eventually, his “sandwich” became a staple of the American diet.

4th Earl of Sandwich

So many more things have been named after people. Do you know of any?  What to share?


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