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Bleach Pen Adventures

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Back in June, I reblogged The Renegade Seamstress’s T-Shirt Bleach Pen Design Tutorial.  I thought it was such a cool project that I had to try it myself.   Here is how I created a really cool summer shirt for less than $6.


1. Clorox Bleach Pen

2. Garage Sale shirt

3. Paper bag


1. Insert brown paper bag into shirt so that the bleach does not leak through.  I did this project on a card table in the garage. I covered the card table with a plastic tablecloth.

2. Using the thin tip of the bleach pen, draw the design you wish to have on the shirt.  I chose simple circles.

3.  Let shirt dry.  The longer it dries the whiter the design will be.  I left my shirt to dry for about three hours.

4. Carefully rinse off bleach with cold water.  Wash separately to avoid bleaching other items.

5. Wear with pride.



Other ways to use the bleach pen could be to make personalized pillow cases, bags, and towels.  I also thought it might be interesting to bleach a pair of dark gym shoes with a design.  There are so many applications for this art.

Please share your ideas or projects with me when you try the Bleach Pen Technique.

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