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Procrastination Station

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Procrastination Station

I have three huge projects to finish before July 18th, and I cannot find the motivation to dive into them.  Anything seems more exciting than working on these projects.  I tried making a list and hung it on my fridge.  Only one thing has been crossed off as of today.  It seems that everything is more important to me than working on my projects.  The sad part is that I am beating myself up over the fact that these projects are not moving forward, yet I continue to procrastinate. 

Here are a few ways I have avoided working on my projects:

1.    Blogging.  Rather than do the work I HAVE to complete on the computer, I find myself blogging.

2.    Shopping.  There are so many things I need at the store. NOT!  Yesterday, I talked my husband into having chicken salads for dinner.  That meant I had to leave the house to shop for lettuce.

3.    Laundry. Although an important chore, it can wait.

4.    TV.   I watched Celebrity Homes.

5.    Daydreaming.  Thinking about all the things I want to do when the projects are finished.

6.    Napping.  I am on vacation, right? I should be able to nap if I want to nap.

7.    Talking.  Chatted with the neighbors for an hour.

8.    Organizing.  Cleaned out the bathroom vanity drawers.  They really needed it.

9.    Re-potted.  The plants in the window looked so stuffed in their pots.

10.  Gaming.  Stupid Bejeweled!

Ahhhhhh!  It does not help that I really do not want to do these projects.  There are thousands of things I would prefer to do. 

This article in Psychology Today,  was positive and helpful.  It says that “Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but 20 percent of people chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions—which, unfortunately, are increasingly available. Procrastination in large part reflects our perennial struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, or the next day. Procrastinators may say they perform better under pressure, but more often than not that’s their way of justifying putting things off. The bright side? It’s possible to overcome procrastination—with effort.”

Hmmmm, so all I need to do is exert some effort. Okay, so today, I vow, to overcome my procrastination and complete at least two items on my list of chores.  Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not.”   I am running out of time and these projects are piling up.   I have real work to complete! 


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