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How to Make a Mountain out of a Molehill


If you wish to create a Mountain out of a Molehill simply, follow the directions below. With a little bit of ingenuity you will form a great big commotion out of nothing.

  1.  Take an insignificant occasion from everyday life.

  2. Shape it and mold it carefully until it begins to grow.

  3. Be sure to add fear, anger, and indignation to the problem.

  4. Blow it all out of proportion.

  5. Once you have successfully formed a large mountain out of a small molehill, stand back and view your creation. Wah-La!

EXAMPLE: Last night my husband and I stopped at a chain drug store for a few things.  At the checkout counter, the clerk informed us that in order to receive the sale price for the buy one get one at 50% off, we would have to use our “rewards card”.  We explained that we did not have a “rewards card”.  The clerk then told us that without a ”rewards card”, we would have to pay full price.  He also said that if we signed up right then, we could use the card immediately and receive the sale price. 

My husband and I felt angry that we HAD to sign up for a “rewards card”.  We both became indignant with the clerk. My husband told him that if we did not get the sale price without the card, we were going to shop at the drug store’s competitor.  This did not faze the clerk. Clearly, he had heard this rant before from previous shoppers. 

We needed the products, and we did not want to pay full price.  Therefore, I signed up for the flipping card. It took ten minutes to sign up due to a computer glitch that could not find my correct birth date.  This made my husband even more furious.  Consequently, by the time we headed to the car, he had decided that we were NEVER shopping at that drug store again.  

As you can see, it is incredibly easy to make a mountain out of a molehill.  Go out and try it yourself.  I guarantee quick and accurate results on the first try.  Carpe Diem!

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