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20 Lines a Day Weekly Challenge: Camping

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I do not camp.

 It is not because I am a princess or because I think I am better than that.

It is because I have had some hair-raising experiences camping that I do not wish to repeat.

 For one, Camping =wet.

The last time I camped, my suitcase was floating in the tent.

Literally, it was floating.

 It seems that nature does not wish to be kind to me when I sleep outdoors in it.

 I have had a tree fall in front of my car, a giant spider taking up residence in my sleeping bag, and an attempted murderer prowling the campground.

 Camping is just not my cup of tea.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy bonfires, smores, and playing cards by lantern light.

 I love to cook over the open fire and eat mouth-watering bacon for breakfast.

 So there are some great things about camping, however, no matter where I set up my sleeping bag, there is always a stray rock that ends up in my back.

  I also think bug bites and hot tents are unappealing.

Finally, I like air conditioning, running water, and showers that do not have spider webs in them.

 I like room service and movie channels.

  I guess I am kind of a princess.

 I just do not like to camp.


Submitted for 20 Lines a Day Weekly Challenge: Camping


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