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Brookfield Zoo in the Spring

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Merge

Photo taken by J. Ahern at the Brookfield Zoo exhibit Zoo Bugs.

       This is an example of how bugs merge and camouflage themselves to avoid becoming dinner for another bug or animal.  Brookfield Zoo’s interpretation of this is a bit extreme, however, the name of the exhibit is “Extreme Bugs”.   Some people believe that the “Lady Bug” is a lucky and magical bug.  It is said that if a Lady Bug lands on you, then good luck will follow.  I wonder if this extreme Lady Bug is even luckier than the average garden variety.

       There is a story from the Middle Ages where the crops were being eaten by insects, and people were starving.  They prayed to The Virgin Mary for relief.  The village was disappointed in their prayers when they discovered yet another insect in their fields.  Their disappointment was short-lived, however, when they realized that these bugs were killing the insects that had been dining on their food supply.  They called these wonder bugs, Lady Bugs. 

       Lady Bugs love to eat aphids. So if you have aphids on your roses or tomatoes, head on over to the garden center and purchase a carton of Lady Bugs.  They are sure  to solve your problem. 

     Check out the Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge at the Daily Post.  You still have time to submit a photo.

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