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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

The Illumination of 50

2012 was a year when those who were born in 1962 marked their half-century birthday.  It is an eye-opening and illuminating event when 50 candles are lit on the birthday cake.  Not only do we see fire and smoke, but also we experience a feeling that makes us think…”Wow! I have been around for a while!”  It is quite illuminating!

Birthday cake of Illumination

Birthday cake of Illumination

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Adapted from a poem by Mother Goose

Monday’s child is fair of face.
What a smile you have! Beauty is your friend.

Tuesday’s child is full of grace.
You are naturally talented. You dance through life!

Wednesday’s child is full of woe.
So serious you are! You will do your best to change the world.

Thursday’s child has far to go.
No one can stop you from trying anything.
You will go far in life!

Friday’s child is loving and giving.
You are affectionate and generous. Your gentle soul
makes people love you!

Saturday’s child works hard for a living.
You are determined to accomplish something.
You will get what you most desire.

But the child born on the Sabbath day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.
You are entertaining, positive, and full of love.
You are a light to others!

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