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It is Okay

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When our children misbehave or have a bad day, as parents we often think it is somehow our fault.  You ask yourself if you are strict enough.  You feel embarrassed and inadequate around other people who see your child misbehaving.  It is a gut wrenching worry that makes you feel like you are a failure.

The fact is…there are days when your child is not at his or her best.  Murphy’s Law says that it will inevitably happen at the hockey game, grandma’s house, or the grocery store.  People will see, offer advice, or look down their noses.  But, those people, (whose child has had bad days, too) are really not important.  What is more important is that you have handled the bad behavior with a consequence that fits the crime.  That you have consistently expressed that the behavior is not acceptable, and then, let the incident go.

What we forget as parents is that kids are not born with the innate ability to distinguish between right and wrong.  It is our job to teach our children to behave.  And, as long as we are doing just that, then there doesn’t need to be embarrassment, self-loathing, or belittling of our parenting skills.  You are not a bad parent if your child misbehaves.  Bad parents are those who do nothing, or worse, defend their child when he or she behaves badly.

Finally, the rule is…if you are parenting, then you cannot be a bad parent.  Peace…

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