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Dedicated to Mom

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Dedicated to Mom

A silent tear

slid down my cheek

As I paged through memories

bitter and sweet


Not many years have gone


Yet, remembering

still inspires me to cry


Back then, I was safe


enfolded in arms

that helped me mature


The bitter, violent world

held at bay

while, I grew

learned how to make my way



I resisted

Rules were insisted

Your firm, guiding hand

Stood its righteous stand

I took


You gave



I turned the wrong way


a strong tower

led me right


When I was critical

drawn away

You, built self-esteem

Inspired flight


Never did you

humiliate, put me aside

You let bygones be by


You –

Molded; morals, self-respect




I hope Mom

You are proud

For I am proud

To be you



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