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Grandmother’s Ghost Stories: The Paulding Lights

A trip to Northern Wisconsin is not complete without a trip to one of the nearby famous haunts.  With cameras and recording devices in tow, my family and I all pile into the mini-van. We drive forty minutes into Michigan to view the mysterious Paulding Lights.  

Since the 1960’s, people have been reporting the mysterious lights that appear in a valley outside of Paulding Michigan. The legends that surround this phenomenon say that a railroad brakeman died one night while trying to stop two trains from colliding on the tracks that were formerly in the area.  The lights are supposedly the light from his lantern as he walks up and down the area where the tracks once stood. 

It takes us a while to find the long road that leads to a viewing area to see the lights.  It is dusk as we pull up to park on the gravel road.  There are many cars parked before a chained off and barricaded section of a narrow valley.  Taking our gear from the van, we walk amongst the other thrill seekers.  The atmosphere has a carnival like setting with kids playing and people milling about just waiting for the show to begin.  We position ourselves on the top of a hill where we have a good view of the long valley and the horizon.  The sun is about to set. 

Suddenly, the noise of the crowd stops and we all observe the light.  It is bright and white.  It looks almost like a spot light way off in the distance.  It rises and sets as if it is a distant moon.  Then there is a red light that behaves in the same manner.  The only sound is of camera shutters clicking and murmurs of voices describing the event on video.   

My family and I wait to see the show happen once more before we climb back into the van.  All the way back to our cottage, we discuss the possibilities.  What could those lights be? 

In 2010, the SyFy Channel featured the Paulding Lights in the show Fact or Fiction: The Paranormal Files.  Investigators from the show tried to solve the mystery of the lights by recreating the phenomenon with a car’s headlights beamed toward the site. (One of the common debunker’s theories)  They also had an airplane flyover with a spotlight.  Ultimately, the investigators could not prove that the lights had any reason for occurring.  They marked the file “unexplainable”. 

The Paulding Lights are a sight you have to see for yourself.  The next time you are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan you may wish to bring your camera and view the lights.  Visit Backwoods, Wisconsin to find directions and more information on The Mysterious Paulding Lights.






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  1. Now I don’t get all worked up but I do keep an open mind on things. This past week I noticed an old oil painting we purchased has started to ‘vibrate’ while hanging on the wall. It also hangs itself crooked at times without help. No explanation. Then I decided to take a picture of it to see if anyone online could tell me about the artist, W Hampton. When I downloaded the picture I noticed a bright Orb on it. Curious, I took a bunch more and each photo showed an Orb but moving up and down and sideways. I know it was not dust reflection from the flash.When I then set the picture on the sofa, the Orb moved on top of it. Weird huh?

  2. This is very spooky indeed and I’m pretty sure I saw that show on Fact or Fiction. Fantastic work!!! 😉

  3. What a timely post! I have been trying to catch up on blogs as I have been on a trip.

  4. Cool and fun! Thank you for sharing it.


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