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It Is Almost Time

It is almost time for the big day.

There are last-minute errands and phone calls to make.

Nerves are strung tight and frayed.

Excitement is building.

By this time next week, it will all be a memory.

I want to cry every time I think about him.

I remember cuddling, story books, and dinnertime.

Now, he is all grown up and independent.

Soon he will have a family of his own.

Time flew by too fast and forgot to stop.

I will try not to cry during the ceremony.

I will smile and greet the guests with pride.

Saturday will be a grand day.

The occasion where my sons says, “I do” with his bride.




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What good is living life if you don't share all the experiences, mistakes, and knowledge you have gained? I am a grandmother, a wife, a mother of two grown children, a Jr. High Teacher for almost two decades, an elementary principal and I want to share my experiences.

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  1. Congratulations to the bride, groom and momma too!! This will be a great new adventure you’ll all be sharing and a blessing. Nancy

  2. I went through that with my two sons. It is a real mixed-bag of feelings. The sadness comes from the overwhelming sense of time-passing, I think. No matter how old my guys are, I still “see” little boys. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  3. What a special day for you…It is a new beginning for your son. You have raised him to be the man that he is and have helped shape his life. Be proud of that fact….Diane

  4. Congratulations to everyone involved!


  5. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Oh sweet Mom… Blessings and Congratulations

  7. Wonderful – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 😀 😀

  8. You don’t lose a son, you will gain a daughter. They will come back home to you with all their kids, you will have a messy house and you will cook for more people. It’s the beautiful cycle of life. Congratulations.


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