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The Full Moon Effect


“It’s a full moon” is said to be muttered monthly by police officers, emergency room doctors, and teachers.  The full moon has been linked to murder; suicide, accidents, birthrates, fertility, and some even buy or sell stocks according to the moon’s phases. However, science has pooh-poohed the anecdotal evidence and concluded that the moon’s phases have no effect on the human physic.

In 1986, researchers from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada combined the results of about 100 studies and found “no causal relationship between lunar phenomena and human behavior.”  (Grant, 2008)  There are no changes to the murder rate, suicides do not increase, and craziness in general does not rise. This research shatters the myths that humankind has believed since the cave dweller.

There is a faction of the scientific community who believe that earthquakes and volcanoes increase before and after the full moon.  In an article in Discovery News, Geologist Bill Burton with the US Geological Survey says that this is unlikely that earthquakes are connected to the full moon.

“There are just too many factors that go into seismic activity to make that statement. I think you’d be hard pressed to see a difference in tectonic activity during different lunar phases.” (Rice, 2012)

 So why do these myths of the full moon still prevail?  Well, ingrained beliefs and superstitions are difficult to change.  When elders, the news media, and Hollywood continue to connect strange happenings to the full moon, the population tends to take on those beliefs.

It could be that because of the entire hubbub that surrounds full moon events, people are more observant. Consequently, if an unusual event occurs such as an accident, a person looking into the night sky may associate the unusual event as causal effect of the full moon. If the same event happened at another time in the moon’s phase the correlation or connection would be absent.

The next full moon will be on Saturday, May 5, 2012 and it is called a “super” moon due to its close distance to the earth. What “extreme” craziness will occur from this full moon? The fact remains, that as long as people believe that the full moon affects humans in a negative way, superstitions and myths will surround this monthly phenomenon. So the next time you hear, “It must be the moon.” Remember that it is only an idiom used since humans came out of their caves and looked up at the sky.

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  1. LOL! I can rest easy knowing that sound research went into disproving this. I agree, years and years of a belief that the moon is connected to strange behavior will make it impossible for that myth to die down. That, and Hollywood would be left without a ready made scenario for stories involving werewolves.

    Just curious – is the May date you posted above for 2013? And is that just the next “super” moon”? I thought full moons happened once a month.

  2. Well, that’s not so good. I was attached to this myth as an excuse to be a little silly on that day. Now I have to be serious all year around.

  3. I remember when I worked at a hospital they always said when it was a full moon ..they expected an influx of patients in emergency…Diane


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