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I knew coffee was a wonderful beverage that I must have in the morning, afternoon, or any time, however, I did not know I could use it for so many other purposes. This is a great article with useful tips and directions on how to use coffee for more that just a pick me up beverage.
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To many, that morning cup of coffee is a ritual — an obsession, even. A solid 80 to 185 mg of caffeine per cup can kick start a morning, and it’s got even more benefits beyond the jolt. Each day 100 million American adults drink the elixir that’s been linked to improved mood, a lowered risk of some cancers, and increased calorie burn. Think coffee has no place past the mug? Here are some sneaky ways to get it into any diet.

1. Energy Smoothie

When iced coffee doesn’t do the trick, blend some Joe in a smoothie. Try a “ban-offee” version by blending ¾ cup of cooled coffee, a frozen banana, ¼ cup milk (of your choice), and a touch of maple syrup for a jolt with banana’s superfood powers. Extra perk: The potassium in bananas helps to replenish electrolytes lost from a night of boozing.

2. Coffee Muffins

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  1. I am a coffee lover, in fact I toast my own supply for the week every weekend and I do it in my garden, otherwise my house would smell like a roasting company. I also wrote a similar blog on coffee and coffee pots. Coffee is good for us!

    • Yes, coffee is good for us, despite what the new media would have us think . One day they say it is bad and the next day they say it is good. They can’t seem to get their stories straight. But, we know better, and know just how beneficial the brew can be! LOL! I love that you toast your own beans. I’ll bet your coffee is amazing! 🙂

      • About my coffee, yes, it is amazing, I admit it as everyone else who has tasted it. I buy the green beans from the Internet and toast them to my liking mixing three kinds of beans from Cuba, Sumatra and Brazil. It is heaven!

  2. I’m a bit odd about coffee. Hate instant. Tastes like dust to me. Love good Americano and some (should be in italics and underlined) filter. But I love the smell. I will try a few of these. Be good if it also cured IBS with which I’m struggling at the moment.
    Maybe I’ll try the brown rub on my tum and see if it has any effect.

  3. I love coffee, but caffeine is not my friend. I have a heart condition and the caffeine sends it racing. One cup is all I’m allowed, but I supplement with several de-cafs. Love my coffee!!!!

  4. The website you gave took me to a weird message ??? Diane

  5. Love my coffee!!! When I clicked on the link…..”area 404″ doesn’t exist. 😦

  6. Certainly not me! Great post.


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