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I am in shock! When I looked at my stats  this afternoon, it states that I have had 432 views for today.  This is amazing.  I have NEVER had that many views. The most views I have ever had were 167.  Upon further examination, I discovered that 372 views were on my HomePage/ Archives.

Hmmmm, I am wondering, who is looking at my pages?  I have heard that people who have been Freshly Pressed will suddenly have a massive amount of views.  So with hope in my heart, I went and snooped at the Freshly Pressed page to see if that was the reason for so many views.  NOPE!

So what is it? Is WordPress having stat issues?  I signed out of my account, turned off my computer, and went back and looked later.  I still have over 400 views!   My only conclusion is that someone is looking at Grandmother Wisdom.  All I can say is thank you so very much and please keep looking! You have made my day!!  If you want to make a comment or two, please feel free.

You are welcome here.

Thank you!

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What good is living life if you don't share all the experiences, mistakes, and knowledge you have gained? I am a grandmother, a wife, a mother of two grown children, a Jr. High Teacher for almost two decades, an elementary principal and I want to share my experiences.

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  1. Sounds very interesting, please post for update!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. Well done, you deserve it.

    • Thanks Valentina. I wish I knew what I did. Then I would do it again. LOL! 🙂

      • Sometimes, that’s a puzzle for me as well. So what do you have to do for a blog to be Freshly Pressed?

      • To be Freshly Pressed, you have to be chosen by a WordPress editor and then your blog is spotlighted on Freshly Pressed. So when someone clicks on, all of the spotlighted blogs appear. That means that lots of people will be looking at your blog. Check out the Freshly Pressed button where the Reader and notificattions are by the WordPress “W”.

      • Thank you Jamie. Sometimes I see lot of activities in my archive and that’s good too.

  3. Well, congrats on getting your stats up there! Someone must be going through your archives, I just noticed that I had a site visit referred to my site from my comment on your vinegar as a weed killer blog post. That was in June!

    • Hmmm….I guess I should take this as a good thing, huh? Maybe it is from Pintrest? I’ll probably never hit this again, but it is good for today. 🙂

      • Dang, I’ve never had site traffic like that when something off my blog made it to Pinterest. Who knows? Did your stats stay up today?

      • My stats are at 167, which is still a fantastic day for me. Up to now, I this would have been my biggest day. I am not sure what is going on, but it is good for my blog. Crazy stuff! I will be spoiled now when I have only a 27 likes day. LOL! 🙂

      • No joke! I’m in the same boat – would love 167 a day, but that is still a once in awhile occurrence. The only time my blog stats seem to get in the 100+ range is when I get a blog award and hand out the award to others. My normal posts? They are rising steadily but nothing like that. It’s okay though, I have a good quality of readers like you that make up for relatively low stats.

      • Yes, whenever I have an award, my stats will be in the 100+ range, but on a daily basis they are much lower. I, too, have seen a steady rise and a following of readers. Yesterday, was just so unbeliveable. You would expect more comments or something.

      • Yes, whenever I have an award, my stats will be in the 100+ range, but on a daily basis they are much lower. I, too, have seen a steady rise and a following of readers. Yesterday, was just so unbeliveable. You would expect more comments or something. And, by the way…I am not complaining. I am just musing. LOL! 🙂

  4. Well done, that’s a huge number. Greetings from Thailand. K

  5. How exciting! It sure is a good thing. You deserve the views… you have a lot to offer 🙂

  6. Hey good going….that’s great news!! Well deserved.

  7. Very exciting for you…I don’t really know that much about things here on WP…What do you mean you checked the WP Freshly Pressed Page ….where is that? Just curious..I learn a little more every once in a while about blogging….I read about what it is but I don’t fully understand it ?? Not that I’ve ever had near that number of views..Diane

  8. I just stumbled across the ‘WP Freshly Pressed’ on the Dashboard…just thought I’d let you know…Diane

  9. 432 views, how exciting! Congrats!!

  10. it’s an exciting day! whoever looked at you headed over and check out my recipes too. thanks for the bounce back 😉

  11. Congratulations!!

  12. Exciting. CONGRATULATIONS!


  13. WOW is the person still looking?

    • No. I don’t think so. Today, I have a mere 167 hits. Ha! Just a few days ago that was the most I had had in my history. I am grateful for whatever the reason. Remind me of that when my stats go back to normal and measure 27, again. LOL!

  14. Well done. If you figure out how you did it, pass on the good news!


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