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Choose-A-Size Paper Towels
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“New and Improved” and “Better than Ever”.  These are slogans all buyers should be wary of when they are shopping.  I have found that they do not generally mean that the product is better, just different.  

Take my paper towels for example.  First, the manufacturers said that they had “improved” their product when they changed from full sheet to choose-a-size sheets.  Soon, when I went shopping, the only paper towels I could find were the choose-a-size type.  I put them in my cart figuring that I could always use two sheets if I needed more.

I realized after one roll, that I liked the choose-a-size much better than the full sheet paper towels.  It was wonderful to use only what I needed, when I needed it.  It saved me money, too.  Now, I will only buy the choose-a-size type of paper towels.

That is of course, until the paper towel manufacturers figured out that if I am saving money by using the choose-a-size paper towels, they are losing money!  Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping, I discovered that I could no longer buy my favorite brand in choose-a-size. I now am only offered the “New and Improved” full sheet paper towels.  See what I mean about those sneaky slogans?

They have also used the Olympics to trick me. Suddenly, my old laundry detergent is inferior to the new detergent with the Olympic logo.  The fact is they changed the label so much that I failed to purchase my detergent.  I was foolishly led to believe that my type of detergent was out of stock.  After looking for a week at three different stores, I realized the detergent was not out of stock. They had just changed the label.  Now, instead of Bleach Alternative, the label says, Vivid & Bright.  It is so frustrating!

Consequently, all buyers should beware of the ad campaigns that tout slogans like “Better than Ever” and the like.  Truthfully, those slogans typically mean that more profits are needed for the company.  Moreover, if you are reading this paper towel manufacturer, I beg you to quit messing with my choose-a-size paper towels!



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  1. LOL – changing the packaging to justify the product as new and improved… a classic marketing trick.

    Ever notice how products marketed as “for women” or “just for women” seem to be pricier as well? At one point I figured out that one of the Excedrin products was the exact same thing as the stuff in either Midol or Pamprin… but cost $2 less a bottle and for more caplets.

    • It took me a while to figure out the Midol thing, too. And you are correct about the “for women” price mark-up. My razors are more expensive than my husband’s. How is that fair? LOL! 🙂

  2. Love this paper towel information!! It’s great to read about the perils of grocery shopping. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I only slightly paid attention to marketing ploys. All I new was I was getting less but paying more. I know the same is being done with toilet paper. Thanks for all your research and information.


  4. I am also frustrated with the new smaller sized packaging …. coffee and ice cream, for example. Smaller packaging with the same price means it is more expensive. Don’t they think we get that?

  5. I love the choose a size towels as well. I get them at Sam’s Club. Of course you have to buy a $20.00 pack, which last a long time. Blessings Grandmother Musings!

  6. They play all kind of tricks also with food like cereal and say ‘real’ fruit and you read the small print and find out it’s a minute amount of ‘real’ inside of the box….so many things they do with this…Any time they say ‘improved’ I wonder how good it can be if they have to keep improving a product…Diane

    • I was just reading an article today that discussed how for some food it is only chemicals and no real fruit at all. Where is all the “real” food? Thanks for commenting, Diane. Enjoy the evening. 🙂

  7. Improving means “we are paying more for this product…” I, too, have been using the choose a size paper towels

  8. Interesting blog, I am a follower now. Thank you so much for liking my blog I am so glad that you took the time to comment. cheers Judy 🙂


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