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The Ideal Homemade Weed Killer

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Using store bought weed killer is not only bad for you and the environment, but it is expensive.  I have tried many homemade versions of weed killer; however, this one works the best.



½ cup Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon Dawn Dish Detergent


Dedicate a spray bottle just for the Weed Killer. You can find pint spray bottles at the Dollar Store.  Be sure to label the bottle!  

1.   Pour vinegar into bottle leave about 2 inches at the top. 

2.  Add the ½ cup of Kosher Salt. 

3.  Squirt 1 teaspoon of Dawn Dish Detergent into the bottle. 

4.  Screw sprayer on to bottle tightly.

5.  Shake to mix.

6.  Spray those weeds!

Hint: If the sprayer on your bottle has a stream adjustment, use it to keep the Weed Killer just where you want it to go.

WARNING:  This is strong stuff! Do not spray on vegetation you want to keep. Do not spray on a windy day. Keep out of reach from children and pets.


After using Homemade Weed Killer

I would love to know how it works for you.  Let me know your results.


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  1. I’m keeping this handy…we have to buy ‘kosher’ salt…what is the difference and does every grocery store carry it? Diane

  2. This is so helpful! Now, I can control weeds without feeling guilty… Thank you so much!

  3. I’ve tested this on a patch of my front lawn that I was continually pulling crab crass and broad leaf weeds. Back in January, I cleared a patch of the front lawn, mixed vinegar and water together and saturated the dirt. It’s June and I’ve yet to see any weeds growing in that area.

    I didn’t use the kosher salt though – I think if you’re using it to prevent weed growth vs. kill existing weeds- you can get by with just vinegar and water.

  4. I have got to try this. Thanks Jaime!

  5. Someone just asked me about this! Yay , now I can give them something good to try! Thank you!

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  7. Wow, this is great! I’m going to mix up a batch right now. Thanks!

  8. I share your care for the environment. Way to go on the home made weed killer. I bet the bees would vote for it too.

    • Thanks so much! Hopefully more people will try more natural methods of weed killing rather than the commercial products. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the evening. 😉

  9. nutsfortreasure

    I will try this on Poison Ivy and this new weed we have in NH like a Knot type grass I use boiling water on ones that grow up through cracks in my brick patio 🙂

  10. This so odd…just a few days ago my mom-n-law was remarking about using vinegar to kill the weeds in the cracks on the driveway. I didn’t remark at the time finding it an odd use. well low and behold here you go!

  11. Thank you. I shall try it…

  12. The weeds are bad under my pine trees. Will it kill the tree if the roots get the solution on them?


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