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The Beautiful Blogger Award

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The Beautiful Blogger Award

The nominated recipients are asked to:

  • ·       Thank and Link-back to your nominator…
Grandmothermusings is blessed and grateful to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Yellowlancer at Positive Word Magazine. She is one of the first blogs I started following just three months ago when I began my own blog.  Positive Word Magazine always posts fascinating photos and prompts to shake-up the creative juices.
  • ·       Nominate 7 (or more) other blogs that you enjoy to receive this award as well;
  • ·       Post a comment on each of your nominees blogs with a link to your page for the details;
  • ·       Paste the Award image somewhere on your blog, if so desired;
  • ·       In addition, continue blogging all your beautiful thoughts, suggestions, and musings. More readers are coming!
It is very difficult to choose seven nominees from all the wonderful blogs I follow. I have listed some of my newest follower’s blogs below, and I hope you enjoy looking at their blogs as much as I do:
  1.   I.        Word by Word Superbly written book reviews and quotes. Love it!
  2. II.        Knowthesphere Deep thoughts and his excellent writing style keep me going back.
  3. III.        Omnomalicious  Superb place for superb recipes.
  4. IV.        Mydearbakes Wonderful 3-D cake models.
  5. V.        Preservation in Pink  A site featuring great historic preservations pictured with interesting facts.
  6. VI.        MaggieMaeI justsaythis Poetry and stories that always fascinate the reader with their truth.
  7. VII.        Evoking the Deep  Love to read Scott’s stories.
Enjoy everyone! 🙂



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About bigsmileu1

What good is living life if you don't share all the experiences, mistakes, and knowledge you have gained? I am a grandmother, a wife, a mother of two grown children, a Jr. High Teacher for almost two decades, an elementary principal and I want to share my experiences.

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  1. Congratulations! Good for you. Keep on blogging!



  3. Wow, congrats on being nominated and thanks so much for nominating mydearbakes! =)

  4. Well deserved, ots of beautiful words of encouragement to be found here and a beautiful blog and all! Bonne continuation and thank for sharing your joy.

  5. Congratulations! And I must say, I love the Italian proverb you have posted on your site. It’s so true–my own Italian grandmother always seemed to have words of wisdom and comfort when I needed it the most. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I, too, love the Italian proverb, it rings true today, even if I am not Italian. Maybe there is some Italian blood hiding in me somewhere. LOL! Have a great day. 🙂


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