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30 Days of Gratitude

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Day Nine:

Random Acts of Kindness: Has anyone ever rescued you from the side of the road, taken you in on a rainy day, or loaned you $$ at the checkout?  Tell us about someone who stepped in to be your hero, when you did not expect it.

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What good is living life if you don't share all the experiences, mistakes, and knowledge you have gained? I am a grandmother, a wife, a mother of two grown children, a Jr. High Teacher for almost two decades, an elementary principal and I want to share my experiences.

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  1. When I was a teenager, my dad bought me a little yellow vega. The car was always breaking down, as vegas were known to do. One very hot Sunday, as I was driving home, the car started over-heating. The steam was pouring out from under the hood, and it made it impossible to see through the windshield. I had no choice but to pull off to the side of the road.
    Back then, in the old days, when we didn’t have cell phones, I had to either walk to a gas station or stay by the car in hopes that someone would stop and help me. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long before a couple in a pick-up truck stopped. They offered me a ride to the gas station to call my dad. They even gave me money for the phone call and waited with me until my dad came to pick me up. I am grateful for that couple’s kindness on a hot day. 🙂

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